Ideas for surviving those hot summer nights!


100% cotton or 100% linen sheets! These natural fibres breathe, wick away moisture & help keep you cool & dry. Any sheets that are not 100% natural fibres will make for a hot sticky night of tossing & turning. Natural fibres prevent overheating & ensure a regulated even sleep temperature.


Choose a lightweight spread, again in those breathable natural fibres like linen or cotton. We have some beautiful lightweight linen covers, or if linen isn’t for you, choose a lightweight but not quilted cotton bedspread.

Duvet inners

The beautiful Bianca Lorenne silk duvet inners are perfect for summer! Cool in summer, these duvet inners draw the heat away from your body & drape softly over you for the ultimate sleep experience. Lightweight, soft, breathable & hypoallergenic, also perfect for allergy sufferers.


If you need a lightweight blanket over summer, our Citta Feather & Down blankets are excellent. They are a great alternative to a duvet in summer, doesn’t need a cover & are machine washable. Another option is the Baksana ‘New Bliss’ 100% cotton waffle blanket/throw, which adds great texture to your bed & comes in a great range of colours. Lightweight blankets are very versatile & also good for layering if a cooler night creeps in!



Just like you change your wardrobe, switching up your bed linen with the seasons is a great idea!

Choose lighter colours for your summer bed – crisp white bedlinen never goes out of style!

Also declutter your bedroom for summer & you will feel lighter & brighter.

Bed Linen

Make your bedroom a relaxing haven and enjoy a fantastic nights sleep.


Our nursery range covers newborn to 12 months with exclusive and gorgeous babywear.

Gifts & You

A beautiful gift for someone special or maybe something gorgeous for you.