Merino baby clothing

Our merino baby ranges are all 100% New Zealand merino.

Merino wool is silky soft against young skin, beautifully fine, light and comfortable. Merino is luxuriously soft next to young skin so there’s no itch or scratch ensuring your baby’s total comfort. Merino wool is the perfect fibre to clothe & swaddle your newborn baby. It smells wonderful because it’s naturally antibacterial and ever dry, it naturally moves moisture away from baby’s skin. Non-allergenic merino is perfect for your baby.

Easy care machine washable
Merino is so wonderfully resilient- most of our ranges are machine washable and can be tumble dried. (check washing instructions on item). Plus it’s naturally stain resistant and odour resistant.
Merino is warm even when wet, is a natural flame retardant, has excellent UV protection and protects little ones from overheating.

Merino will keep your baby warm in winter & cool in summer
Merino both breathes and insulates, giving warmth when needed and cooling when it is hot, so it helps keep baby’s temperature constant. Newborn babies cannot regulate their own temperature for the first few months, so using merino wool against their skin can help do the job for them and assist a quality sleep.

Wool is hypoallergenic
Wool has inbuilt natural bacteria,which makes it mildew and mould resistance. This comes from the way wool repels moisture, and lets moisture pass through its fibres without holding it. Mildew and mould require moisture to live and grow. As do dust mites. Such things can trigger allergic reactions with dust mite allergens the leading trigger for asthma attacks.

Wool is a resilient, high performing and long lasting fibre, which will last many years with great value for money.

Wool is Eco-Friendly
It is renewable and sustainable – the fleece of a sheep is a natural, renewable resource. Sheep grow a new fleece of wool each year and live on vegetation, which is also self-replenishing. Low environmental impact – The processing of wool requires little environmental impact compared with other man-made fibres and it’s biodegradable – gentle on the environment.

Care of Merino (always check the washing instructions label on the garment)
•    Turn garment inside out to wash and dry
•    Wash dark colours separately
•    Allow 5% shrinkage
•    Machine wash 40°C max, gentle wool cycle, or hand wash
•    Use wool approved detergent
•    Gentle machine spin dry
•    Do not use bleach, nappy cleansers, garment brighteners or fabric softeners on merino clothing
•    Do not soak or spot clean
•    Dry flat away from direct sunlight
•    May be tumble dried – low heat

What about fabric softener and bleach?
Merino is a natural product and shouldn’t be subjected to chemical cleaners. Bleach, fabric softener and nappy bleach type products will rot the fabric. As the fabric is anti microbial (anti bacterial) it’s naturally self cleansing. And being such a fine fibre, it’s incredibly soft. We recommend using white vinegar on stains.

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